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Are You Ready For Your New Website?

At Aspenzella, we believe that any business deserves a great looking, cost effective website. You select the look and feel of the website and we build it for you. Just $150 gets your new website launched. Learn More Now!

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What we Offer

checkFantastic Designs
checkPersonal Service

checkFree Design Advice
checkAffordable Websites

Websites Include

checkTailored Design
checkUnlimited Updates

checkBuilt In SEO
checkWeb Hosting

View A Few of Our Websites
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Let's Build Your Website!

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Decide On Your Design

Browse through our template websites and pick the one that best represents your business. Think about what type of content you will add to your website and how it will look in your template. Remember, we will later add in your logo and business colors to this template. A truly tailored website!

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Now Add On Features

We offer additional features that you can add on to your website. Maybe you need a photo slideshow or a fancy contact form to allow people to contact you more easily? Decide on what you need and we will add it to the design. Pick as many additional features as you would like.

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Your Site is launched

Next you will send us any text, photos, or other content that will be added to your site. We then build your site with your selected design, any add on features you selected, and your content. Lastly, your site will be launched. And don't worry, if you need updates, those are free!

Why Do I Need a Website?

In this day and age, every type of business needs a website. It doesn't matter if you are a large company or you are a one man business, having your own website shows your customers you are up to date. In many cases your website acts as your business card, store front and, most importantly, the first impression to your customers. The time is right to launch your first website or revamp your old website!

So What Will You Do For Me?

It is simple, we take the frustration out of building and maintaining a website. We don't just offer boring, ugly template websites. We use our creative talents to build you an amazing website. We will take your content and build your website. We then will make any updates at no charge. This keeps your costs down because you don't need to pay for updates or changes to your website. We know your too busy with your business to worry about a website. Let us take the load off your shoulders!

What's Included With My Website?

A Tailored Design

You decide on what style template you like the most and fits your business best. We will then tailor the template to fit your needs. We will add in your logo and your business's colors to tailor your website to you. Just select a design that will best represent your business and we will handle it from there!

Unlimited updates

Whenever you need any update to your site, just let us know and we will complete them for you for free. It doesn't matter if you need to update photos, copy or your business hours. You just let us know and we make the changes for you. This takes the stress away from you. We take care of it all!

Built-In SEO coding

SEO coding is how Google and others find you on the Web. When a potential customer searches for your website, a search engine like Google will look for SEO coding to direct them in the right direction. We include this code in all of our websites to help your customers find you on the Web.

Hosting & Domain Name

We include web hosting for your websites. We know web hosting can be frustrating, so we take that frustration out of your hands. We also will help pick a domain name for your new website. If you have a domain name already, not a problem because we will transfer it to our hosting site. All of this is included!

The cost for your website: Start Up Fee $150/Monthly Fee $75

Additional Features

There is no commitment with these features. If they don't work for you, you can always drop them from your plan.
You can always add them at anytime too. There is no risk to try any of these, so don't hold back!

Additional Pages

You may need more than three pages for your website, you can always add additional pages to fulfill your needs. So don't worry if you need extra pages to show all your business has to offer. These pages all have free updates too!

Start Up Cost $25 per page
Monthly Fee $15 per page w/ unlimited updates

Google Places & Map

If you have a Google Places account to show your important business info (Address, Map, Hours, Description, Photos, etc.) then we can integrate your Google Map into your site. If you don't have a Google Places account, we will create one for you and maintain it. This is an essential feature!

Start Up Cost $25 per page
Monthly Fee $15 per page w/ unlimited updates
+ See Example

Email contact form

Do you want a better and easier way for customers to contact you than just an email address on a page? We will build you an easy to use contact form. This will make it easy for your customers to contact you quickly and is hassle free for you.

Start Up Cost $100
Monthly Fee $5
+ See Example

Photo slideshow

Would you like a photo slideshow to showcase projects, events or photos of your business? We will build you a photo slideshow that can support up to 10 photos. If you need more than 10 photos, more can be added for an additional cost. If you want to update or delete photos, no problem because that is all included in your cost. We make changes as often as you would like!

Start Up Cost $100
Monthly Fee $30 w/ unlimited updates
+ See Example

Free Limited Time Offer!

Let Us Find all of Your Photos and slideshow photos For You

Do you have a good selection of photos to use for your website? Not a problem! We will find you great high quality photos for any type of website. Our photos are royalty free so they will be no cost to you. Beautiful photos can take your website to the next level. Let our experienced designers find your photos for you.

One Time Cost For the Whole Website $60
All Slideshow Photos $80

Your Cost: Free For all photos on your site!

Let's Get Started With This Website!

Are you ready to get started with your new website? You need to now look through the templates below and pick which template that you think would represent your business best. After you pick your template, we will have you answer a few questions so we can start to build your website. Before you know you it, you will have a website!

Start Here

Pick a template that works best for you. Remember that we will tailor your template to your business. Any business can work with any of these templates as well. Take your time with this process!

Finish Here

Fill out all the information below and click submit. We will review your information and get back to you shortly. At that time we will start to collect your copy and images for your website!

Name * Name Required

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Business Name

Do You Currently Have A Website?
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Current Website's URL

What Website Template You Will Use?
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What Additional Features Do You Need?
Contact Form
Google Places & Map
Do You Currently Have Google Places?
No Yes Don't Know
Photo Slideshow
Additional Pages
How Many Additional Pages?

Website Description and Comments

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of business should use these templates?

These templates are suited perfectly for any type of business. Some that stick out in our heads would be doctors, real estate agents, insurance agents, bars, a boutique shop, or a small business of any type. But, there are plenty of others that would be perfect too!

What if I want to change my template theme after my website is already designed?

If you decided that your current theme does not work for you any longer, you are more than welcome to pick a new template. There is a fee of $100 to change your theme. Just email your Design Representative or use the contact form below to let us know of your desired change.

Can my website layout be edited?

We will tailor your website to fit your business. This means all the copy, images and colors can be changed. However, we are not able to change the layout of the website. For example, if the template you pick has photos in the left column and text in the right column, we can not flip those so the text is in the left column and the photos are in the right column. Unfortunately, these type of changes we can not accommodate.

Can I change the layout of a template?

If you decide it is time to freshen up your website or the look of your site no longer matches your business, you can pick out a new template and we will redesign your site. The cost to redesign your website into a new template is $100.

I don't have images to use for my website. Where can I get images?

If you need images for your website, there are several websites that offer royalty free images. A few of our favorite websites are 123RF, iStockPhoto, and Stock.XCHNG. We can also find your images for you for an additional cost. Please contact us to find out pricing details. Customers tend to like this stress free method of finding images.

Will my website work correctly on all browsers including my phone?

Yes. We make every effort to test our templates on all browsers and on phones to make sure they look visually correct. Although, some design styling, such as spacing between letters, may appear different between browsers. There are just some aspects that we can not control when it comes to web browsers.

Will SEO coding drive more business to my site?

We can not guarantee that SEO will bring more people to your website, but it will certainly help. Various search engines use different techniques to rank a search in their search engine. This means that Google's method may be totally different from Bing's method. In Google your website may appear on the first page of their results after a search while on Bing's searches it may not appear until the fifth page. Unfortunately, there is no way to control this. All we can do is provide you with the best SEO coding on your website to help your website appear higher in search engines.

What if I want to add or delete additional features?

Not a problem! You are not locked in to any of your current features. If you decide you no longer need a photo slideshow, than just contact us and we will remove that feature. Likewise, if you decided you can really use a Google map on your site, then we will add it to your current site. You will see these changes updated on your next billing cycling.

Can I add as many additional pages as I would like?

Yes, you may add as many additional pages to your website as you would like.

What if I want to use more than 10 photos in a slideshow?

We can add more photos for you! If you want to add more photos to your slideshow, there will be an additional cost. Each photo will cost $10 to add and an additional $2 will be added to your monthly fees for each additional photo.

How large will the photos be in my photo slideshow?

Your slideshow width and height will be determined by the size of the photos you supply to us. We always recommend providing us the largest resolution photos you have. The higher resolution, the higher quality of your slideshow!

Can I cancel my account?

Yes you can. You are not under any sort of time commitment with our website plans. You will be billed for the remainder of that current billing cycle.

What if I want to cancel my website, do I keep my domain name?

Yes you do own your domain name and are free to move it to whereever you would like. Domain account information and financial responsibility will be passed on to you.

Let's Talk!

If you still have additional questions, please don't hesitate to contact our helpful designers. We are happy to answer any questions you may have!


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